Build good habits with money and take control of family finance

with the premium online banking app for parents and young adults.

Premium Banking for future generations

Molli helps kids and young adults to earn more money money by building good habits with savings, budgeting and investing. Parents can easily set the allowances, assign financial challenges that build financial skills, while maintaining control over the expenses on auto-pilot.

Young Adults

For boys and girls 8 to 25 years old who want to achieve more money and the financial independence sooner and with fewer mistakes.

Parents who care

For parents who want their kids not only learn how to spend money, but to build good habits of savings, budgeting, and investing.

Good money habits

Molli teaches young adults good money habits with gamified challenges that they complete with others


Saving Challenges, aren't your typical savings plans; they're engaging adventures. Whether it's saving for a dream vacation or a big purchase, our Saving Challenges make saving together with fun, allowing users to enjoy the process with friends and family.


We've also simplified Budgeting. Managing finances can be daunting, especially for young adults. With Molli, it's straightforward. Users can set budgets with popular frameworks like 50/30/20, track expenses effortlessly, and gain insights into their spending patterns. We're making budgeting an easy part of their financial routine.


Molli offers a simplified platform for users to explore investing, learn about risk and return, and practice investing before venturing into an adult world of finance.

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Unlocking Financial Success for Your Kids

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3. Empower Your Kids

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When Molli launches, you can easily set up accounts for your children, customize allowances, and initiate them into the world of smart money management.

4. Foster Independence

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Witness your children grow into financially savvy young adults, thanks to Molli's empowering approach.

5. Nurture Financial Literacy

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Your kids will thrive by participating in engaging Saving Challenges, mastering budgeting skills, and exploring investment basics—all within a secure, monitored environment.

6. Earn more! The magic doesn't stop there.

Start earning money

Invite fellow parents to join our waitlist, and you'll not only help them secure their kids' financial future but also enjoy fantastic rewards as a token of our appreciation.

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What our clients say

Our Clients Rave About Molli

“I’ve signed up for 2 kids and I’m excited

“ I’ve signed up for 2 kids and I’m excited to start the service with Molly when it’s ready.”

Brian Hardy

“The best app for family finance

As a parent, I've always wanted to teach my kids about money, but I wasn't sure where to start. Molli's innovative approach to financial literacy makes learning about saving, budgeting, and investing not only easy but also fun for kids. The gamification element keeps the kids engaged, and they've even started competing with their friends to achieve their financial goals together.
Proud Molli Parent